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The owners of Score are proven business professionals with almost 60 years of combined experience in starting and running successful businesses. It’s easy to start off on the wrong foot in any business. But in the credit repair business, its seems inevitable without the proper guidance and leadership. Want to know more, we look forward to speaking with you today. Let’s help America’s families get back on their feet together.

Reduce Your Leaning Curve & Your Risk

The cost of experience is failure, but you don’t have to expose yourself to such severe risk just to get ahead. Pate and Carmona, owners of SCORE, offer their consultancy programs to credit repair entrepreneurs like you to help avoid making many of the mistakes we see other business owners make.Some that we made of course. Whether you know your next move but do not how to achieve it, or if you’re on the cusp of taking it to the next level but feel unprepared, SCORE is here to help.


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