Our Dispute System Increases Your Profits

You know that the better a dispute is handled, the greater likelihood a resolution will be reached for your client. It’s simple — when your clients are happy, you’re happy … and so are we. Because our dispute system is based on a proven method, your disputes are processed more quickly, with less effort on your part, and with more favorable outcomes. Click the button below to schedule a free demo.

White Label and Custom Dispute Processing

Every business is different — we truly appreciate that — and as such we offer customization to our proven systems. We’re here to enhance your business operations, not control them. Furthermore, your customers never know we’re helping you — again, this is your business. Click the button below to schedule a free demo.


Which Services Make Up Our Dispute System?

We don’t just wander through your disputes — we have a strategic suite of services geared to process your customers’ disputes quickly and with the most favorable outcomes. For example, your customers can track their progress online; this reduces valuable time when updating your clients on their status. Click the button below to schedule a free demo, or keep reading to learn more about our services.

• Review the credit reports from each of the 3 major credit bureaus.

• Implement a dispute action plan for each one of your customers.

• Manage each round of disputes every 30-45 days.

• Generate the dispute letters as well as print and mail each one.

• And manage your customers’ online account so they can track their progress.

• Direct To Creditor FACTA Letters

• Pay for Delete Comparison Reports.

• Credit Report Analysis.

• Printing-Score offers a print only option to high volume customers.


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